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Adolescent's Orquesta, known as Los Adolescentes, is a salsa romantica group from Venezuela that was initially popular in the mid- to late '90s.

A decade later, after a new lineup was assembled, the group proved popular once again with hits including "Se Acabó el Amor" and "En Aquel Lugar." The original lineup of Adolescent's Orquesta was comprised of Wilmer Lozano, Williams Lozano, Armando Guiñan, and Charly Villegas.

This original lineup sang on topics purchase cialis on line the group's full-length album debut, Reclamando Nuestro Espacio (1995), and also the follow-up album, Persona Ideal (1997), which spawned the respective hit singles "Anhelo" and "Persona Ideal." Adolescent's Orquesta's standout singer, Wilmer Lozano, then departed for a solo career and cialis buy visit web site was replaced by Sócrates Cariaco for the group's third album, La Misma Pluma (1998).

Unlike its predecessors, this album failed to spawn a major hit, and the i use it group wrapped up its recording contract with Sony Music in 1999 with the compilation Millenium Hits.

The comeback album Búscame (2005) released domestically by Universal Music Venezuela at first and then re-released internationally by Union Music Group in 2008 -- revived the group's fortunes, spawning the major hits "Se Acabó el Amor" and "En Aquel Lugar."



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