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Grupo Niche is a salsa group founded in 1978 in Bogotá, Colombia. Currently based in Cali, Colombia, it enjoys great popularity throughout Latin America. It was founded by Jairo Varela and best online levitra improvement with Alexis Lozano. Jairo Varela has stayed with the group becoming producer, director, songwriter, vocalist and guiro player.


ome of the most famous singers from Niche throughout its history include Alvaro del Castillo, La Coco Lozano, Tuto Jiménez, Saulo Sanchez, Tito Gomez, Moncho Santana, Charlie Cardona as well as Willy Garcia and Javier Vasquez, now members of the group 'Son de Cali'. They have been very successful, and some of buy discount viagra on the internet their songs are considered Classics of Salsa Music. The group still enjoys some of its past successes, and, as of 2006, is on tour, making worldwide presentations, and singing their most memorable songs.





Al Pasito (1980)

Querer Es Poder (1981)

Preparate... (1982)

Directo Desde New York! (1983)

No Hay Quinto Malo (1984)

Triunfo (1985)

Historia Musical (1986)

Me Huele A Matrimonio (1987)

Tapando el Hueco (1988)

Sutil y Contundente (1989)

Cielo de Tambores (1990)

Llegando al 100% (1991)

Un Alto en el Camino (1993)

Huellas del Pasado (1995)

Etnia (1996)

A Prueba de www.judobasel.com Fuego (1997)

Señales de Humo (1998)

A Golpe de Folklore (1999)

Propuesta (2000)

La danza de la chancaca (2001)

Control absoluto (2002)


Alive]] (2005)


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